Condo Insurance in Texas

Living life in San Antonio, TX and other surrounding Texas communities can keep residents busy. Because of this, owning a condo and having minimal structural and property responsibilities is desirable for many in the area. Should disaster strike your Condo community, however, make sure that you are insured with condo insurance from Integrity Advisors Agency, LLC.

Protecting Personal Property

All of the content that is housed within the four walls of your condo is your personal responsibility. Should a disaster or tragedy strike your home, the master homeowners' insurance policy that you have with the HOA will not cover these items. That policy is designed for community property only, leaving you to cover your personal belongings. With condo insurance, you can easily make a claim to replace or repair these items right away.

Temporary Relocation Coverage

Should your condo need renovation due to these disasters or unfortunate events, you may need to find temporary lodging for a few days to have professionals come in and complete the restoration. Without condo insurance, you would be responsible for covering these expenses on your own. With condo insurance, you can get financial assistance to help cover these costs.

Liability Coverage

Do you like to entertain or have a pet? Maybe both? Some of those unfortunate events happen in our own condos, where we could be held responsible. Should your pet become territorial and bite a guest or a guest is hurt on a wet floor in your condo, you could be held liable for their medical costs. With liability coverage, you can make a claim and allow your insurance policy to cover these costs.

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