Motorcycle Insurance in Texas

At Integrity Advisors Agency, LLC in San Antonio, TX, we offer motorcycle insurance. Texas requires all motorcycle owners to carry liability on their bikes. We take pride in keeping Texas residents legal and protected on the highway.

Types of Motorcycle Insurance

Similar to car insurance, there are two basic types of motorcycle insurance. Liability and collision coverage. Liability will cover the other party's damages in the event an accident is your fault. Collision coverage will cover damage to your bike if you are at fault. Both types of insurance typically include medical expenses due to an accident as well.

Other types of insurance can be added to these basic policies. Lienholders may require collision and comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive coverage covers damages to your bike that aren' the result of an accident, like a storm or theft. Uninsured motorist insurance covers damages due to someone else being at fault but not having insurance to cover it. Personal injury protection provides medical coverage for yourself and family members or passengers. It also covers lost wages and funeral expenses up to the coverage limit.

Each state will have its minimum coverage requirements. In Texas, motorcycle insurance is required to cover $30,000 in injury costs per person up to $60,000 and property damage up to $25,000 for liability coverage. Most insurance companies offer policies with the option to choose higher coverage limits, which can provide more financial protection in the event of an accident.

Motorcycle Add-Ons

There are also add on policies that apply to motorcycles that aren't typically included with auto insurance. Trip interruption coverage will pay for expenses if you are far from home, and your bike has to be repaired. Covered expenses include food and lodging. Coverage for custom parts comes standard on many policies, but you may wish to increase the protection if you have invested in expensive custom parts. You can also select transport trailer coverage if you transport your bike using a trailer.

At Integrity Advisors Agency, LLC, we know the freedom and enjoyment that comes from riding a motorcycle in San Antonio, TX. We offer the peace of mind you need to enjoy your bike fully. Give us a call today for a no-obligation quote.

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