What is umbrella insurance?

Your home insurance and auto indemnity policies may not be enough to cover unexpected incidents. Even those with the best indemnity plans may find themselves in a financial bind when the insurance policy does not cover an event. Umbrella insurance can help you recover losses when the policy limits of your standard indemnity plan are exhausted. An agent at Integrity Advisors Agency LLC can help you understand how to make the most of an umbrella insurance plan in San Antonio, TX.

What is umbrella insurance?

Many like to consider umbrella insurance as a safety net. Your standard indemnity policy pays up to its policy limits. You typically need to pay out-of-pocket for financial responsibilities that exceed the policy limits of your standard plan. Umbrella insurance coverage can make up the difference so that you do not have to dip into your personal savings to pay for incidents in San Antonio, TX. 

How does a plan work?

Umbrella insurance comes into play after you have used all resources available on your standard insurance plan. Umbrella coverage does not stand alone. 

You would take advantage of your umbrella policy by filing a claim after an incident has occurred. An indemnity specialist at Integrity Advisors Agency LLC can help you understand how claims are evaluated and compensated. 

Is umbrella insurance required?

There are no state mandates requiring umbrella insurance coverage. It may, however, be beneficial to purchase such a policy so you know you are fully covered when the unimaginable becomes a reality. 

The agents at Integrity Advisors Agency LLC can help you with all of your indemnity coverage needs. Call them today to get started with a quote for umbrella insurance.