How commercial insurance can save my small business

Small businesses are particularly vulnerable to risks that can close their business. Many small businesses fail in the first year and by year 5, 50% have not made it. All businesses face risks and the best way to try to survive the risks is with good commercial insurance. If you and your business are in the San Antonio, TX area, Integrity Advisors Agency LLC (Stephen Reese) have been providing the insurance products that their clients need for 30 plus years. We will take the time to understand your needs and only recommend products that are in your best interest. 

When you get sued

Small businesses are targets for a lot of legal actions. Having a commercial liability policy can offer you the protection you need to not only pay any legal actions against you but to pay for the legal assistance you need. It can be legal action by a client, a customer, or an employee. 

Covered peril hits

Not every peril is a covered peril but many are and if one hits your business, you will be able to survive and rebuild. It will provide the funds you need to replace machinery, office equipment, inventory, raw materials and records. If you don’t have commercial property insurance, the cost of rebuilding will fall on you. If you own the building it will cover that but this type of commercial insurance helps renters as well. 

Workers’ Compensation insurance

In Texas, employers are not required to have workers’ compensation insurance but, this doesn’t mean that they are not responsible to pay employees for injuries, illnesses and lost time. They just must pay for it themselves and all the illness, injury and lost time must be reported. Workers’ compensation insurance makes it easier for employers to follow the reporting laws. 

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