Popular Misinformation Regarding Life Insurance Policies

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Popular Misinformation Regarding Life Insurance

Life is often unpredictable. Sometimes an issue arises that you aren’t prepared for. That’s why it is important to have a safety net in place. Life insurance covers your loved ones if you pass away unexpectedly. Talking about your death may be uncomfortable to think about, but life insurance is an asset. The policy can help your loved ones settle your affairs and move forward with the grieving process. Term life and permanent life are the most common types of life insurance. Term life provides coverage during a specified time frame. Most term life policies are active for 20 years. Permanent life insurance policies provide coverage throughout your entire lifespan. While looking over life insurance policies, avoid some of the common misinformation that’s out there.

I Don’t Need Coverage Because I’m Not Married

Even if you’re single, life insurance is an asset. The policy helps cover your funeral arrangements and settle your personal affairs.

I Can Rely On My Group Life Insurance Policy

If you have life insurance coverage through your San Antonio, TX employer that may not be enough if things in your life change. If you get married or have children, having your own life insurance policy provides benefits that group policies don’t.

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