Is Flood Insurance Required in Texas

Whether you are required to purchase flood insurance by your mortgage lender is largely dependent on the property’s location. For instance, if you are purchasing a home in Texas near the water or in an area that has experienced flooding in the past, flood insurance is likely mandated. Keep in mind that even if you are not required to have flood insurance, having a policy may be worth the nominal cost because your homeowner’s insurance will not cover flood-inflicted damage. With flood damage causing significant disruption and expense, insurance helps dampen the blow and allows you to sleep easy at night. 

If you are purchasing commercial or residential property in the San Antonio area and are concerned about whether you need to have flood insurance, several resources are available. First, start by contacting the team at Integrity Advisors Agency LLC to have all your questions answered. Second, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) resources via their website offer additional context on flood zones. It is important to remember that if you purchase in a high-risk flood area with federal disaster assistance, you must carry flood insurance to be eligible for future federal disaster assistance. 

With that said, every property, regardless of location, is vulnerable to flood damage, and the only protection offered is via flood insurance. By working with a reputable team like Integrity Advisors Agency LLC in San Antonio, TX, you’ll rest easy knowing that your home or business is always protected. We work tirelessly to ensure that each customer is satisfied and go above and beyond to deliver excellent customer service. Give us a call today or stop by our conveniently located office to learn more.