How Does Umbrella Insurance Protect Someone?

Whereas every individual earning a livelihood in San Antonio, TX needs umbrella insurance; you might be wondering whether this insurance is a necessity. To make it clear, Integrity Advisors Agency LLC (Stephen Reese) explains how umbrella insurance protects you.

How does umbrella insurance protect me?

Umbrella insurance refers to extra liability coverage that steps in when your other insurance coverages are depleted. It’s meant to cover things such as:

  • Bodily injuries: If you are the one to blame for an event that caused physical injuries to others, your umbrella insurance pays for the treatment costs. It also protects you against lawsuits.
  • Property damage liability: If you harm or destroy another individual’s tangible property, your umbrella insurance cover will step into your rescue.
  • Landlord’s liability: As a landlord, you need umbrella insurance to protect your investment. You can be sued for various reasons. For example, when someone falls while on your property and sustains injuries, or your dog biting a tenant.
  • Slander or libel: If you make alleged malicious information about other people, they can sue you. In such cases, only umbrella insurance can help.

Who needs umbrella insurance the most in San Antonio, TX?

While most people need umbrella insurance, persons in the below categories need it most since the risk of being sued is high. You should purchase umbrella insurance if:

  • You are a landlord
  • You coach kids
  • You own significant assets
  • You hold a reputable position in an organization or society at large
  • You host parties frequently at your residence
  • You take part in a sport that can cause injuries to others 
  • If you own dogs or other animals that can cause harm

With the above information, it’s easy to decide whether you need umbrella insurance. If you feel it’s for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to Integrity Advisors Agency LLC (Stephen Reese) for further help.