5 Reasons to Invest in RV Insurance

Recreational vehicles are exciting but come with a lot of responsibilities. While maintaining your vehicle and being careful on the road is essential in your RV ownership journey, never forget to purchase RV insurance from Integrity Advisors Agency LLC. Whether you are a seasoned RV owner or a first-time owner in San Antonio, TX, here are the five reasons you need to invest in RV insurance.

To protect your asset.

Whether you own a motorhome, camper van, or travel trailer, these vehicles don’t come cheap. So, it makes sense to invest in insurance coverage that compensates you when your car is damaged or stolen. Invest in RV insurance to protect your vehicle against theft, accidents, vandalism, fire, and other risks listed in your policy.

It’s mandatory

If your RV is motorized (has an engine), it’s categorized as a vehicle, and you must invest in RV insurance in Texas. Otherwise, failure to carry RV insurance may expose you to numerous fines and penalties. Plus, if a financial institution finances your RV, they may require you to invest in RV insurance.

Liability protection

It only takes a slight mishap on the road for accidents to occur. Unfortunately, if you are at fault for the accident, the ensuing liability claims can easily ruin your finances. However, this isn’t the case with RV insurance since it covers liability claims.

Medical protection

RV insurance covers the medical bills for you and your passengers when involved in an accident. And the best part? It doesn’t matter who was at fault for the accident.

For peace of mind

Want to enjoy your RV to the maximum? You must invest in RV insurance. This coverage protects you and your vehicle, keeping you worry-free whether on the road or when your RV is parked in the garage or driveway.

If you need RV insurance today in San Antonio, TX, you had better speak to Integrity Advisors Agency LLC for comprehensive yet affordable coverage.

What Are Some RV Insurance Terms?

Buying RV insurance can feel overwhelming when you keep running into these terms and do not understand them. It has also led to most people buying inadequate cover or buying the wrong policy due to misunderstanding. To help you understand, Integrity Advisors Agency LLC (Stephen Reese), serving the great people in San Antonio, TX, takes you through some basic terms you should know when buying RV insurance.

Liability Coverage

It provides cover for your assets when you get into an accident where you are at fault and you end up injuring someone or damaging their property.

Injury Liability

If you are found responsible for an accident where someone gets injured, this liability helps cover medical bills, lost wages, and compensation for pain and suffering.

Property Damage Liability  

This refers to a scenario where your RV causes damage to someone’s property. This liability helps cover the resulting repair or replacing costs.

Collision Coverage

It pays for damages to your RV resulting from a collision.

Comprehensive Coverage

This covers damage to your RV caused by anything else other than a collision. This includes fire, theft, flooding, and vandalism.

Medical Payment Coverage

It pays for the medical expenses for you and your passengers after your RV gets into an accident, despite who was at fault.

Personal Injury Protection

Helps cover medical expenses regardless of the person at fault in the accident. It can also cover lost wages for the affected party.

Underinsured Coverage

You can get into an accident with a driver who carries inadequate insurance and cannot cover all your resulting expenses. Uninsured coverage will help cover those expenses, preventing you from making a loss.

Uninsured Coverage

It is possible that you get into an accident with someone who lacks insurance. Uninsured coverage helps pay for those resulting expenses.

Understanding these terms will come in handy when you finally decide to purchase life insurance. Here at Integrity Advisors Agency LLC (Stephen Reese), we are ready to help you understand any terms you find too difficult. Residents of San Antonio, TX, can feel free to reach us for any kind of assistance.

Does RV Insurance Cover Theft?

If you have collision and comprehensive, your RV is covered if it is stolen. But what about the possessions contained within the RV?

If you have a home in San Antonio, TX, your home insurance should kick in and replace whatever was inside your RV that was stolen. But what if your RV is your primary home?

Some policies may cover personal items within the RV by default, but most will only cover these items if the RV is stolen with these items inside it. That means that items lost to a break-in would not be covered, but those same items might be covered if the RV itself was stolen.

If you want to make sure that your possessions are fully covered, you need to ask your insurance agent about this specifically. The assumption that many insurers begin with is that your RV is just your vacation ride and that you likely have a home somewhere in San Antonio, TX. That home insurance policy will cover your possessions. If this isn’t the case, then you need to make sure that your insurance agent knows it’s not the case.

Of course, if you do own a traditional home, and that home is fully insured, you don’t need to worry about it. The only possessions you need your RV insurance to cover will be those that are bolted down and which are already covered as part of the value of the RV itself.

If you have any questions or you’re looking to get insured, get in touch with Integrity Advisors Agency LLC. You can call or check out the Integrity Advisors Agency LLC website for a good deal on a great policy.

Three things to remember when you buy RV insurance

Buying an RV insurance policy is an important step in protecting yourself financially as an RV owner in San Antonio, TX. We can help you to find the right RV insurance solution at Integrity Advisors Agency, LLC. 

The following are three things to remember when you buy RV insurance.

The type of recreational vehicle you own

There are numerous types of recreational vehicles. Many are classified under certain designations. You should know whether you have a Class A, Class B, or Class C motorhome before you start shopping for a policy.

Which class your RV falls under depends largely on its size. Do your research and identify your RV classification so that you can shop for accurate quotes on RV insurance policies. 

Types of RV coverage available

It would help if you familiarized yourself with the different RV coverage types available. The most important type is liability coverage. Liability coverage pays for the costs of any damages you cause while driving or owning your RV. 

Liability coverage is an important coverage type to understand because it is required by law. Other important coverage types of purchasing are collision and comprehensive coverage. 

Your additional options as an RV insurance policyholder

There are a lot of optional coverage types that you should understand. You have the option of buying residential liability coverage if you live in your RV full time. You also have the option of purchasing personal attachments coverage if you have items like satellite dishes attached to your RV.

Understand all the optional RV insurance coverage types before you buy a policy. 

Do your research and identify your RV insurance needs. If you have questions on RV insurance options in San Antonio, TX, get in touch with us at Integrity Advisors Agency, LLC. Contact us for assistance.