Do I Need Commercial Insurance For My Etsy Business?

If you run an Etsy business in San Antonio, TX, the question of insurance comes down to a few factors.

  • Is this your primary income? If you are running an Etsy business as a way to make an extra hundred dollars a month, if it is essentially just a hobby that pays for yourself, it might be a little early to consider buying extensive commercial insurance. On the other hand, if this is how you make a living, how you pay your bills, then you certainly don’t want to leave it at risk.
  • How much volume is your business doing? If you are selling hundreds of items a month, then your level of risk is far more pronounced than that of many Etsy shop-owners.
  • What sort of equipment do you have on hand? It may be worth buying commercial insurance even for a small Etsy shop if you have thousands of dollars worth of tools, supplies, and equipment on hand. You don’t want to spend hundreds investing in a silkscreening setup only to find that your home insurer excludes business property.
  • Are there any special liability concerns associated with your product? Any product you could hope to sell comes with a certain degree of liability, and Etsy may provide some protection on your behalf. Still, if you are selling something that may be potentially hazardous, you will undoubtedly want to have adequate protection against lawsuits.

With many small businesses, it can be tricky to determine where the line is drawn between business and hobby. Still, once you cross that line, it’s time to call Integrity Advisors Agency and discuss buying a commercial insurance policy. Integrity Advisors Agency can get your San Antonio, TX business the protection it needs.