Does Flood Insurance Handle Liability Needs?

Are you afraid of liability concerns affecting you during a flood and aren’t sure what kind of help you can get here? Integrity Advisors Agency LLC (Stephen Reese) can help San Antonio, TX, residents understand their flood insurance situation and protect them from serious problems.

What Your Flood Insurance Does Cover 

Your flood insurance is designed to protect items in your home and throughout its overall structure. For example, if a flood destroys things like your heater, air conditioners, refrigerators, televisions, carpeting, windows, paneling, wallboard, and much more, your policy will protect you. 

As for liability issues, that’s a more complex situation. Typically, if someone is injured in your home due to the flood, your policy won’t help to cover their treatment. That’s because it is a type of goods policy and not one that handles liability needs. But what happens if they’re injured due to your mistake? 

For example, let’s say that someone is injured in your home during a flood when a floor collapses. If the cause of the collapse was your negligence in repairing the floor before the flood, you might be liable for their medical treatments and other types of lawsuit situations. 

In this situation, you may need to work with your home insurance company to get the results that you need. This type of policy works to help protect you from a myriad of problems and will cover you if you are negligent and cause harm to somebody and gets sued in a lawsuit. 

Help is Here for You 

If you’re worried about the dangers of flood insurance and want a policy that helps you, please contact us at Integrity Advisors Agency LLC (Stephen Reese) right away to learn more. Our team serves the San Antonio, TX, area and will do whatever it takes to give you the help you need here.